Graphic Design

Logo, illustrations, artwork

Image might not be everything,

Image might not be everything, ...but it's right up there with oxygen.

...but it's right up there with oxygen.

The right image can convey nuances that words cannot.

Graphic design is more than just moving colors around on paper or screen until you like it, however. A sense of balance, proportion, and motion draw the eye where it is intended.

Great design can't be programed. Expensive software is just a tool, and does not replace the human mind and heart.

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Logo & Business Identity Services

Logo & Business Identity Services

We can design your logo from scratch, or render an existing logo to make it web-ready & re-sizable from business card to billboard. We speak Apple, the language of the graphics industry.

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Typesetting & Publication Design

From a business card to a brochure, a flyer to a full-blown newspaper, we have the tools and the connections to bring your message to the printed page, and beyond that to the new electronic media.

E-books have different requirements than do the printed page. Translating your publication properly to a downloadable format involves more than running the printer's PDF through a filesize reduction filter.

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From modifying a clip art tiff to hand-drawn illustrations, we can craft an image that's worth at least 1,000 words...

Link: Take a look at our portfolio.

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Print publications: books, flyers

Typesetting Services


From a brochure to a newsletter to a full-blown newspaper, we have the tools and the connections to bring your message to the printed page, and beyond that to the new electronic media.

Some of our work:

  • NCHE Conference Program
  • Arts Companion
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Arts Companion (pdf 1.7 Mb)
NCHE Conference Program (pdf 2.9 Mb)

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Website Services

HTML, PHP, MySQL, Hosting

So you need a website...

Our basic commercial site starts at $850 for those who will be hosting with us. (Hosting priced separately).

(These are ballpark figures, and subject to change)

This includes:

  • Domain Registration (2 yrs) & Server Setup
  • Design & Construction (Site will include up to 12 pages, custom graphic navigational elements & backgrounds (satisfaction guaranteed), scanning & optimization for web of client-supplied photos & artwork for inclusion in pages.) Text must be supplied by client.
  • Unlimited e-mail forwarding accounts and up to 3 POP E-mail accounts

Link: Examples.

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Website Hosting

We can give your site a home on the Web. We don’t pretend to be the cheapest solution out there, but usually the cheapest solutions have hidden costs. We offer what is called "managed hosting", so compare apples to apples.

As it says on the front page, we serve a limited clientele. We're not a big outfit, so we can't really afford to "make it up in volume". Hosting a website means that your information is available to the world, 24/7. Even while you sleep. It's a big job, but we're up to the task ;)

The rates below are ballpark figures, based on payment in advance on a quarterly basis. Discounts are available for prepayment. Prices subject to change, yada, yada, etc... These prices assume we're building your site, and doing updates. Yes, you can get your site hosted for less than $10 a month, elsewhere: but you'll be doing the maintenance yourself, most likely...

  • Bare-Bones Hosting
  • ... If all you need is one or two pages, and and e-mail link, have we got a deal for you! Talk to me in private...
  • Personal/Nonprofit...
  • ...sites of a noncommercial nature with under 5 MB of files start at $25/month. Paid in advance quarterly.
  • Discount prices for prepayment:
  • 6 Month: $140, 12 Month : $250
  • Basic Commercial...
  • starts at $35/month for up to 30 MB of files, paid in advance quarterly.
  • Discount prices for prepayment:
  • 6 Month: $200, 12 Month : $375
  • Industrial Strength...
  • is priced at $100/month for high-bandwidth services such as database-driven sites and e-commerce solutions. Paid in advance quarterly.
  • Discount prices for prepayment:
  • 6 Month: $575, 12 Month: $1,075
  • Hosting will be billed on first full month that site is “live”. Price includes minor updates (price changes, new picture of the baby, etc.). But additional pages after site is “wrapped” will be quoted separately @ $65/hr.

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Site Design

We can make your web page load quickly, sparkle with interactivity and animation without confusing or sending your visitors off to another site.

No matter if it’s a small personal, or an extensive commercial site, your web presence is important to you. That’s why Lost Province Productions should be your choice for the design and hosting of your website.

  • HTML that works in the major browsers
  • Animation from GIF to Flash
  • CGI, PHP, Movable Type
  • Database & secure e-commerce with SSL and MySQL

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Why Us?

  • Years of experience in graphic design: we’ve created art and logos for businesses and organizations at the state and local level, and we can do it for you. We’ve been active in the field of brochure and publication design before the web attained its present popularity.
  • Years of experience on the web: we’ve been designing web pages since 1995, which means we’re downright old, in web years!
  • Creativity: many people build web sites, but it takes a certain spark to make them pleasing and elegant. Our background in the arts, combined with technical savvy is a powerful combination.
  • Innovation: we don’t do something just because that’s the way we’ve always done it. We’re constantly looking for ways and means to do our job better.
  • Attention to detail: if it’s not right, we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.
  • Focus on you, the client: your site should reflect your vision, not a template in a program somewhere. We strive to give an individual look and feel to each project we undertake.

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Other Questions...


Most of our hosting includes a bit of updating, in case you want to add a link, or change out a picture, or change a price or two. However, the addition of numerous pages after a site has been "wrapped"(see the fine print), or a redesign of the site, will be billed at $65/hr, with a $25 minimum.

If you would like to handle your own updates, just let me know, and I'll arrange for you to have FTP access, or access through a browser-based interface.

If you're going to be doing a fair amount of changes to the content, but not the appearance of the site (like a daily or weekly menu change for a restaurant), there is also the option of a CMS, or Content Management System such as NewsPro or Moveable Type. There's a bit of up front expense, but you can keep information current without paying us for lots of updates. See our Creative Services page for more details.

Optional & Extra, but Available: (See our Creative Services page)

Most extra services are priced at $65/hr

Flash Animation and extensive graphic work. Copy Writing

Photography priced $65/hr plus travel expenses.

Content Management System such as News Pro or Moveable Type will have a setup charge and add to the site design charge.

Virtual Tours (IPIX and/or Quicktime) quoted by project.

SSL and Shopping Cart systems quoted by project.

Database work quoted by project.

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