Hidden in the wilds of northwestern 'North' Carolina

... is a region known in the last millennium as the Lost Provinces.

In the winter, it was said that the only way to get into or out of here was to be born or die. In the present day, it's become much more accessible, but still a bit remote, which is how we like it.

Lost Province Productions is one man's 's quest for the high tech world while living in the woodsy environment of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Appropriate technology, if you will. We've got our connection, thanks to our local phone co-op, let's see what we can do with it.

Thanks for stopping by; I hope the information you find here is interesting and beneficial. Let me know if you need something specific.

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We've been doing this for dog's years, internet-wise. Let's just say, if you remember PageMill, you were around at the inception.

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