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Most of our hosting includes a bit of updating, in case you want to add a link, or change out a picture, or change a price or two. However, the addition of numerous pages after a site has been "wrapped"(see the fine print), or a redesign of the site, will be billed at $65/hr, with a $25 minimum.

If you would like to handle your own updates, just let me know, and I'll arrange for you to have FTP access, or access through a browser-based interface.

If you're going to be doing a fair amount of changes to the content, but not the appearance of the site (like a daily or weekly menu change for a restaurant), there is also the option of a CMS, or Content Management System such as NewsPro or Moveable Type. There's a bit of up front expense, but you can keep information current without paying us for lots of updates. See our Creative Services page for more details.

Optional & Extra, but Available: (See our Creative Services page)

Most extra services are priced at $65/hr

Flash Animation and extensive graphic work. Copy Writing

Photography priced $65/hr plus travel expenses.

Content Management System such as News Pro or Moveable Type will have a setup charge and add to the site design charge.

Virtual Tours (IPIX and/or Quicktime) quoted by project.

SSL and Shopping Cart systems quoted by project.

Database work quoted by project.

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